Reflection Paper On Weight

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My ultimate goal for this semester [or this year] is to lose weight, at least 50 lbs. It’s not that I am insecure about my own body image that I want to lose weight – it is because I want to change my choice of lifestyle and to live and eat healthier. Normally I rarely see my personal physician for a yearly medical check-up because I don’t want to find out that there’s something wrong with me and then I now have to take medicine or I might just get a bad news [for some disease I might have]. It’s not until one day I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that I am gaining a lot of weight – but then again, I ignore everything and I didn’t really care to what I consumed in the daily basis. It has come to the point that I felt that there’s something wrong with me because, I was used to walking [8 blocks] from home to the bus stop going to work, but now I can barely reach the 5th block and I’m tired already. Finally, last year [November 2017] I set an appointment with my physician for a yearly check-up [after almost two years] and I was told to get ‘blood draw’. The results shocked me, I found out that my cholesterol level was almost twice as a person my age, as well as my sugar level – it was borderline on having diabetes.

Right now I considered myself as overweight based on my age and height. I am 19 years old, 255 pounds, and 6’1”. It has come to this point where I felt like I’m stuck in this situation and there’s really nothing I can do. I am worried what health in
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