Reflection On A Childhood Interview

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I decided to interview my dad, Tim Ely. He 's a certified life coach, financial advisor, and special education teacher. He 's been a certified life coach for about 2 years now and a special education teacher for about 5 weeks now. I chose to interview him because he exemplifies success in that he has impacted so many people that he has talked to. This very much fits in with my own definition of success in that success is people impacting others. The structure of this narrative will be, first, the questions I asked him and, second, the answers he gave me as well as how parts of the interview connect with certain chapters of the book and reflection and analysis before the conclusion.

Main Interview Section

My first question was: What accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction in your life? His response was: The
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If so, how do you use it? His Response was: Yes, I set first large goals to go to my dreams. From there I create smaller goals to get to my bigger ones. I try to set goals every day to keep moving forward and then have weekly and monthly goals. I have them either written on paper on my many whiteboards that cover my far wall of my bedroom so that I see them when I go to bed and when I wake up.

This moved me onto my third question, which was: What motivates you? His response was: What motivates me the most is the feeling of achieving something and knowing I have done something good for others. I have to feel like I am making a difference.

My fourth question was: What time management techniques do you use, if any? His response was: I make a list almost every day. I will prioritize what I need to do.Then try to plan out how long it takes. If it does not take as long, then I can adjust my time scale and if takes longer some things will get moved to another time. I try to give myself realistic time to achieve things if I have interruptions or if I do not know how long it will

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