Reflection Paper On World Is Flat

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Reflective Essay on “World is Flat” Usually, When we say “World Is Flat” does not sound literal, hence, we assume it as a false statement, evermore, a long time ago, scientist have had already discovered that the World is round and not flat. However, at the moment, I am reflecting on a video posted at “” by famous American Economist “Thomas Friedman” titled as “ World is Flat”. Friedman actually is describing about globalization, and relaying message, how world is changing its shape, and how trade and technology has connected all of us together. Also, explains role technology’s enhancement in globalization, and how people are getting freed from barriers of border and walls beside them are falling and how new generation is getting in, in a platform of mutual benefit and connectivity. Further, Friedman presents his idea of different versions of globalization, based on different eras. Where as, globalization version 3.0 started on 2000 AD, which actually began with the growth in technology, with ease of computers and high-speed internet, along with connectivity through optical fibers, acted as a driving force along with the people who are participating and collaborating globally, and version 3.0, further decreased the size of the world smaller. Mostly, Friedman Speaks on, the drastic changes that has happened in the world, in time span of last 15 years. Also, mentions technology, knowingly or unknowingly boosted the globalization and made the world flat, and
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