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I became mathematician the first of February 2015, when I started counting the amount of sensibility in my personality. Loneliness was catching my heart while pain was stabbing it. Sitting in the mathematics class, I started converting my emotions into equations and graphs. The lines and curves crossed my mind and disrupted the reality I was facing. I was diving in this special world. I then discovered the best world ever. There, the concepts for me were real, a perfect reality where we cannot lie. It is a world where there is only one truth and everyone can be true at the same time. It is a world of mutual respect, where you can express feeling without fear. It is a reflection, not even a reflection but rather a perfection of our world: The world of mathematics. It was last year I acknowledge that I am a Mathematician, it was also last year I feel pain, and had a hurtful memory I will never forget about all my life, it was a struggle, it was an insight into the turmoil of hell. Stepping out of my room, my feet struggle to walk, my chest refused to go forward, and my harm afraid of opening my room. Taking a cup of coffee, the liquid refused to appease my thirst because my body tries to regulate the amount of anger, the magma which was in the process of merging. I worried, I could not focus, and I could not. Repulsion, confusion, demotivation, and even self-repulsion overrun each of my neurons, the shadow of worthless entertained my mind. I always tried to convince myself

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