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Reflective Essay Assignment DGunn Growing up in Starkville MS, hasn’t been easy but it has taught me some things. I was the second oldest our five children, the only boy. Needless to say life was hard and a struggle. We encounter many sleepless days and nights but we made it. I am, proud of the man that I have become. One Monday morning I woke up not wanting to deal with the day, but not going to school was not an option. I went to school, finished first block, and then walked off campus. I was walking around with my backpack and a group of boys when somebody called the police; we tried to run, but everything was blocked off polices came from both directions. We just stopped and gave our names and other information and the police put us in the car now I’m sitting in the back of the police car. When we arrived at the school, the principal just started an argument with me and, so I got mad and started slamming doors and witch that got me expelled. After I got kicked out of school, I was just sitting around the house arguing with my parents, that’s when I realized it was time for me…show more content…
Job Corps allowed me to leave home and public school which opened up a lot of opportunities for me and increased my ability to do more things. I like to do things my way, and being allowed to leave home and not having to attend public school with the same annoying people every day freed my mind and helped me to actually slow down and think about situations before reacting in an aggressive way. Knowing that I have less on my mind now allows me to actually listen to what people like my mother, father, and other elders are saying to me and increases my chances of making the right decisions. Being able to listen to what people saying is helping me see things from more than one point of view. That’s why leaving public school and going to Finch Henry Job Corps Center was the best choice I could have ever
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