Reflection Paper

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My goals for this semester are to get at least a B in all of my courses and to not procrastinate my homework or studying until the last minute. Each week I will plan out exactly when I will do homework and when I will study. I think designating a certain time each day to do homework or to study will help me to time manage better and not wait to do it until the last minute. Each week I will also sit down and make a to do list for the week. The to do list will include all assignments, reading, and studying I have to do each week. This will help me to avoid accidently forgetting something and therefore cause my grade in the class to suffer. Each time after an exam, I will evaluate with myself what I thought I did well and what I thought I needed to improve on with my studying and test taking skills. If I get a grade of C or lower on any of my exams, I will make an effort to see the professor to discuss my exam and look over my exam. Each week I will read all the readings and make notes while I read, and if something does not make sense to me make a special note to ask about it in class or go to the professor’s office hours to ask the question. Each week I will also put my phone on silent or off to avoid being distracted by it while I do my homework, read, or study. This will help me not only learn the material to help me at least get a B in all my classes, but also not procrastinate my work. Each week I will also make a study guide for myself to go over the week’s
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