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I appreciate your discussion post this week. You indicated that "From the Christian perspective, the single woman should seek encouragement and support form her Pastor and a Christian, singles group. Outside of the Christian circle, the single woman may find the sexual promiscuous attitudes depicted above." What you stated really sounds great, written in black and white. Nevertheless, is what you stated a true reality? A vast amount of pastors and Christians actions and temperaments are completely different from those who truly did God 's Work in the early times. Lets focus on the pastors and Christians of contemporary society today. When I visit surrounding churches and churches from different states, 3 out of 10 pastors barely mention anything about the Holy Spirit and keeping the faith. 7 of the 10 do not mention the the Holy Spirit or keeping the faith at all. Have the pastors and Christians themselves lost the faith in God? What I have learned is that, the Holy Spirit offers the best advice. Why is there such much calamity and disaster around the globe (Isaiah 4:57)? My ideology is that, terrorism, tragedies, and the calamities will continue to happen, until the foot solider (us) come together and put an end to this horror but, first we must lead by example and start putting God first and incorporating the Holy Spirit. We must program the Word of God, faith, and the Holy Spirit in the mental compasses of God 's 'people in order for God to stay active in everyone

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