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On a daily basis. I 'm thankful for the bus driver being mostly consistent picking me up. I 'm thankful for that one security guard who fist bumps everyone. I 'm honestly thankful for having most the juniors on the fourth floor. Often, I 'd see aileen, Julio, Ivery, Jayro, Natalia, Jesse, Longley. Then I 'd walk into Mr.Halliday 's class thankful for Gorav and his smug self sorta knowing what to do in class, I mean it 's more than what I know. Thankful for Jodel, who 99% of the times annoys me and is helpful and kind the rest of the time. Thankful for Sara and Abbey for basically being board buddies with me, working on problems together and often discussing them. I 'd like to thank rameen for mentioning things that I might need in that class, mostly not really but it 's still helpful. I 'm thankful for n.h.s squad in our class, you guys are just there and it 's really supportive for some reason. Basically that 1 and 2 period is just welcoming and lit, I have yet to find anyone I want to choke slam. Last but not least for this period I 'd like to thank the legend Mr.Halliday, that man has never made me get so frustrated and stressed to the point my test anxiety and my hope of getting straight A 's just went away. I mean at least now I won 't live and die by the student portal, in addition, the man made me smarter. In transition period i 'd like to thank saleha for occasionally being by my locker and saying hi and spotting emily from the distance waving at me. For Ms.Philayaws

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