Reflection Paper

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Before I began writing this paper, I knew I had some biases, but was not able to pin point the ones I exhibit. Common things I could think of were, judging someone based on appearance, believing everything happens for a reason, and I do things and tend to think well what if I would have done this things would be different. Those were the main ones I could think of. Then when I started looking over the different biases, it was hard to narrow down to just 7 of them, with one being the main focus. I am sure I have demonstrated almost all of the biases at some point throughout my life. The main bias that I believed to have the biggest impact on all things I do is outcome bias. Then through that, I also portray self-fulfilling prophecies, just world phenomenon, herd instinct, stereotyping, choice supportive bias, and fundamental attribution error. Throughout this paper I will go through each bias and then relate it back to the outcome bias.
To start, the outcome bias is the way I determine if I did the right thing. It means judging a decision based on the outcome instead of how the decision was made in the moment. I personally do not think of any other things that existed at the time of the decision, but evaluate my decision on whether or not the end result was positive or not. One example that comes to mind for me includes my recovery procedure for my elbow. Whether or not my elbow is feeling good or not, I may still throw in a game. If the game goes well it seems worth it, but
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