Reflection Essay On Interviewing Analysis

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In my reflection paper I will discuss about our speaker Dr.Maksin and what she discussed about during class and what I have learned. Dr.Maksin went over a few things about her interviewing analysis, she discussed the Interviewing process for students just graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree. Dr.Maksin discussed some of the jobs that we would be able to apply for at the facility (Legacy) that she currently works for, and what some of the staff’s duties may require. Dr.Maksin also discussed about the different programs she is in charge of at Legacy and what those positions may intel. I have learned from Dr.Maksin’s discussion during the class that most in the psychology profession are in the field because it’s a passion. If someone thinks that they are going into the psychology field because of a great pay than they are in the wrong field. I personally enjoy speaking to others and riding out ways we could collaborate on problem solving techniques to help better their quality of…show more content…
Since I currently have 13 years invested with the state of New Jersey I will find work with my Bachelors through the state of New Jersey. I understand that getting a Masters degree in psychology would be a better career advancement and allow me to not only eat but to enjoy vacations with my family so that would be future goal, but for right now I am focused on my Bachelors degree in psychology and nursing. Although positions posted require a Bachelors degree I also have come to learn that other credentials may be required for the position and before applying to any position make sure that all requirements are met. This will allow the employer to know that the applicant can pay attention to detail from the
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