Reflective Essay On Health Intervention

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Reflection is mindful, deliberate consideration to scrutinize one’s thoughts and actions in order to better oneself. (Donovan, 2006) In this reflection, I will be discussing a particular positive health behavior I would like to implement in my life, and the results of different interventions I pilot-tested. The flow of the reflection starts with describing the positive behavior change with rationale, interventions I took, how I felt, evaluation and analysis of interventions, a summary of what I have learnt about behavioral change, and lastly, what I plan to do if I encounter a similar situation. According to Bagay (2012), life-long reflection aids in nurses’ growth and improves patient care. Hence, at the end,
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The foundation being the To-Do List, and whatever else was implemented only serve to complement and make it better.
According to Mind Tools (n.d.), procrastination is a habit that cannot be broken overnight. It requires constant restrain. Hence, using as many approaches can increase the chance of breaking it. From Mind Tools, I came up with my first intervention, the basis, a To-Do List. The list is essentially a written paper to prioritize tasks written in order of its importance and urgency. When used effectively, it can eliminate negative stress and help with focus, increasing productivity.
This method was effective in attaining its proposed goal, which is to help me be more organized and serve as a constant reminder of the tasks I needed to complete. At the beginning, I was blindly listing all the current tasks at hand, and felt even more stress knowing I had so much to do. However, slowly I learnt from the list my own working abilities, and started writing only what I know I could complete. This reduced the stress and anxiety I felt at the beginning and allowed me to complete tasks at an appropriate and comfortable
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