Reflection: Power And Language

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Reflection While studying speeches under the title Power and Language in Part 1, I was amazed by how powerful they can get if the right techniques are used. In my Further Oral Activity, I explored the use of persuasive language in speeches. Specifically, I analyzed how authorities can use persuasive language in their speeches in order to inspire students. The reason why I chose this topic is because while we were studying Power and Language, the speeches we watched in class made me remember the speech of John Keating from the movie Dead Poets Society. I was extremely impressed by his speech, and I realized that he too used persuasive language in order to affect his students. I decided to analyze his speech and the techniques he used, in order to show how people in authority (such as principles or teachers) can use persuasive language in order to inspire students. I started my presentation by giving a background information about the movie Dead Poets…show more content…
I tried to point out the fact that not only one or two features of his speech made it powerful and effective; but all the combined techniques made him achieve it. I analyzed how he raised his voice in the right time to create an exciting atmosphere, and how he lowered his voice down to draw attention and make the students listen carefully. I analyzed his gestures, how he squinted his eyes to show his passion, or opened up his hands to be more effective. I showed how he stretched some words to stress them, or how he used call-to-action in order to be more memorable and effective. I kept pointing out how he involved his students in the speech from the start, for I think it was one of the most important features of his speech. I talked about the context of his speech as well, because the techniques got more meaningful if they were thought within the context; which was about the students finding their own
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