Reflection Report On Work Experience

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Individual reflection report - Work experience internship
The Capita Selecta course of the Master’s specialization program Strategy and Organization provide students with an opportunity to develop themselves in a certain subject relating to their Master’s thesis. Ka Keung Leung has realized the Capita Selecta project by conducting an internship at Bacardi - Martini B.V. The Master’s program Strategy and Organization distinguished two types of internship: the work experience internship and the research- or advice/design internship. Ka Keung has chosen for a work experience internship in which the student works in a company with his fellow colleagues to gain work experience and to get insight into the daily operations of a professional company. Besides the work experience internship the student also has to write an individual reflection report evaluating the tasks of the internship and reflecting the personal development which is gained during the internship. The individual reflection report is assigned by dr. M. Bahlmann and dr. P. J. Peverelli. This report is structured as follows: First chapter is the introduction section. Followed by the second chapter, which gives an overview of the tasks carried out by the student during the work experience internship. This report concludes with a chapter regarding the reflection on how the work experience internship contributed to the personal development of the student, including the intern attitude and personality plus the intern and
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