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For my second School Based Experience, I went to SK Sarikei, Sarikei, Sarawak. The school is a rural school. Before we go for our School Based Experience, my friend and I were given a task for our coursework for TSL 3103 ELT Methodology, which in the task we were asked to observe an English lesson that shows reading, writing, listening and speaking as the language skill. For my observation, I have asked my School Based Experience mentor at Sk Sarikei, Mr. Enyang to observe his teaching session. After he agreed, we went to 1A’s classroom. There, I observed the 1 hour lesson carefully. Based on the lesson observed, the teacher is using the Social Constructivism learning theory. Social Constructivism learning theory emphasize that learning is a social activity. They believe that…show more content…
In stage three, the teacher called a random student to stand up and read the sentence that have been constructed earlier. If the student read a word wrongly, teacher will help to correct the student pronunciation. This activity is repeated by few more students until it is finished. Through this activity, students’ pronunciation of a word is improvised through the teacher assist. The teacher also ask the student classmate before he give a correct answer with a correct pronunciation. This communicating process of sharing knowledge helps a student to strengthen their basic English skills. This activity involves all the student because the teacher will call their name to come in front of the class one by one. In conclusion, the lesson is carried out successfully due to the application of Social Constructivism learning theory. This prove that the use of Social Constructivism learning theory in the classroom is very suitable to teach students through activities that require communicating with friends and doing repetitive process of the activity will help to improve students’

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