Reflection Slo 2 English Literature

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SLO I: I have learned that experience with literacy will promote children in leaning literacy. Therefore, I will provide and display books around the classroom, so children can reach anytime.
SLO II: I also provide anti-bias books for diverse children in my classroom to respect for who they are and where they come from.
SLO III. I will provide books with different cultural and languages, so children will have a sense of inclusion in their classroom.
SLO IV: I invite children in my classroom to share and read their home language book.
SLO V: I have learned from this class is good communication will help me to have better relationship with people that are around me.
I have never known that the children’s earliest language experiences will be their first movements, their babbling, cooing, and speaking words will be precursors of their later language and literacy learning. Therefore, this course has impacted my thoughts about
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The different cultures are also mentioned in an assigned book in this course such as “Coming of Age in America: a Multicultural Anthology” is a collection of short stories, and it is edited by Mary Frosch with an introduction by Gary Soto. Through different stories of this book, I notice the differences totally impact to people’s lives and emotions. Personally, I think this class has been fostering and stimulating my understanding about diverse cultures around the world. I also see many pictures of my life in my classmate’s life stories. We did develop sympathy and empathy with others during the presentations. Many of the problems we have in this world are due to misunderstandings the difference in cultures. Therefore, we need to respect, and value the difference cultures in our life because they are a strong part of our
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