Reflective Essay On Family

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Reflection (Paragraph #1)
Some of the papers I worked on this semester were, "Taryl 's Letter of Introduction", "The Time I Went to The Great Wolf Lodge", "Humanitarian Award", and "Compare and Contrast". In my letter of introduction paper, I described pretty much my life up into this point. How I got my bizarre name which nobody has heard of and doesn 't know how to say correctly. What I 'm like as a person. What I 'm into. What my family is like. My relationships with my family members which include my parents, cousins, niece, nephews, and so on. The friends I 've had over my 18 years of life. The schools I went to as a kid. How I changed from my two-year old self to my eighteen year old self. Tragedies that struck my family. All the stuff
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Yeah, maybe things could 've have turned out differently. I might of made more friends if I didn 't act like a dinosaur. But if I did, who knows how my relationship with Emma could of turned out? Mabey we wouldn 't be as close as we are now? I had a lot of fun at The Great Wolf Lodge, and I don 't think I would have just as much fun if I went to a different another vacation spot instead. In my elephant paper, I listed most of the things I already knew about both the African Bush Elephant and the Asian Elephant. But I did have to look up more information about them that I didn 't even know. Like how many fingers on their trunks or which one is heavier? It made me realize that I didn 't know as much of elephant as I thought I did. And I learned to appreciate my family more. Family as always been important to me. But now that I look back on them, I think maybe I could 've done more. Like go to my cousins Brady, Kaylee, and Taylor 's birthday parties because they always came to mine, but I never went to theirs. I always considered them as my siblings, I could 've been less rude to them. Brady was responsible, I was the brute, Kaylee was the crazy one, and Taylor was the sweet one. I could 've visited my niece and nephews more. I love them to death believe me, but maybe we could 've bonded more. I always got along well with my niece Fynex and my youngest nephew Devon. But my other nephew Logan and I always had problems. We always fought and I don 't think we ever got along. I wish I could change that now. Now, whenever I get a change to visit any of them, I 'm taking it. I want to be there for my family more. I would take a bullet for all of them.
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