Reflection Theory

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Action – Reflection Theory From the Freirean perspective, however, the preparation of health promoters should have two aims: firstly, to conscientise them so that they can change from being moral guardians to cultural change agents because moral guardianship in health workers acts as a barrier to health promotion; and secondly, to equip them with skills necessary to facilitate conscientisation in their clients. This will have implications for curriculum, teaching and learning methods, and clinical setting organisation.The health care training curriculum in Malawi is subsumed by medicine and operates under the influence of the biomedical model constructed within the positivist paradigm (see also McCall 1996; Roberts 2000). The biomedical model emphasises epidemiological determinants of health or Orem’s self care model (see Mulanje College of Nursing 2000; NYCOM 2001) although it is acknowledged that culture is one of the major determinants of SRH in Malawi (NAC 2003). This makes the preparation of health workers inadequate in transforming cultural issues. However, as cultural norms are at the centre of disempowerment for ASRH promotion, culturally-responsive health worker training informed by Freire’s (1973) conscientisation needs to be a fundamental feature of YFRHS providers training (Gay and Kirkland 2003). The Freirean model requires that the training curriculum be influenced by theories that act as instruments for liberating the health promoters from the influence of
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