Reflection To My Personal SWOT Analysis In Writing Skills

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REFLECTION ON TEAM WORK I am grateful that Ms. Anderton arranged us to create a team in Academic Writing class to work together and fill each other strengths and weaknesses. Referring to my personal SWOT analysis in writing skills, I realized that I had a lot of areas to be improved. My team consists of Alvin, Michelle, and me. On September 22nd, 2016, we gathered together at Alvin’s place, Echtenstein 138 to make a team plan for term 1. Seeing each other’s SWOT analysis, we decided to focus more on the grammar and structure. We took the resources from the internet that we found suitable for our needs. So far, we already looked at each other’s works and gave feedback regarding about their works. Honestly speaking, I was not in the position on reading and giving feedback to them since I had a terrible writing skill. However, I still looked at their works anyway to find their strengths to be implemented in in my paper and gave comments about their works. For Michelle’s works, I could only come up with one recommendation which is the length of the sentences. I found her writing flow was smooth and clear. However, some of the sentences were too long and can be cut into several sentences. For Alvin, I recommended him to pay attention to the grammar. Sometimes, he mixed the usage of the present tense and the past tense. Another grammar mistake was inconsistencies of the usage of singular and plural form. Sometimes, Alvin and I would argue for the usage of the correct grammar and

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