Reflection Vs Reflection

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There are plenty of moments that I can think about where reading or writing or a situation involving the two have changed my life. However, one time that sticks out to me vividly is when my teacher analyzed my essay in front of the class. I always thought I was a great writer , but when I got papers back with the grades I didn’t want, I was confused. It felt like all my hard work was never good enough. At first I thought that getting your essay read and critiqued by everyone in the class was pointless and insignificant. After we had finished I realized that some benefits had came out of the class critique session. Back when I was in IB English class the teacher used to give us grammar warm ups everyday. One day she decided to change our…show more content…
I learned things such as the fact that I had to write better conclusions and use a better choice of diction. But it also taught me that I have always been one of the better writers in my class. This experience made me change the way I think about reading and writing because it made me realize certain aspects of my writing that need to get better. It also made me realize the aspects I was already good at. There was two distinctive writing styles that was taught in my English class. The critique help me understand the writing styles that were trying to be taught to me more efficiently. Having a better understanding eventually led to me having better grades on my essays. I also could apply the things I learned from the critique to other things other than the essays we wrote in class. It also helped better my presentation skills and analyzation skills. My presentations were more organized because during the critique my teacher told me that my paper organization needs to be done better. Analyzation became easier so when I read over essays I could catch my errors before the teacher caught them. The critique didn’t just improve my essay skills, but my literacy skills in
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