Reflections On Values: Reflective Leadership Style

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Reflecting on values and Principles are considered to be the next part of authentic leadership style. Leadership principles are group of standards used in leading people. Values are leadership principles which are turned into actions. Values are important aspect in an individual’s life. You are person in charge of you happiness. Identifying your values is considered to be the key to self-awareness. The values of the authentic leaders are formed from individual’s personal beliefs. This values and belief arise from parents, Influential people such as Teachers, bosses, friends, siblings, heroes, Religion, Traditions and customs ,Experiences School, University, books, media, etc. I have seen this values and principles in my dad who has been helping some people in our country with his monthly salary. Circumstances makes us learn what is most important for us life, what we will sacrifice in life and what we will compromise in life. The stories of some effective leader such as David Gergens story of Discovering his true north: wanted to keep up the values and principles he learned from his parents and from the community he grew up, Keith krach story of when values conflict: tells a story of values which were made under pressure , Jon Huntsman story of testing values under pressure : huntsman emphasize on reflecting your own…show more content…
In this generation we are often pushed in extrinsic motivation due to material success and recognition in the society. We always end up comparing what others have and we have such as status, grade, salary etc. I think first a person should get intrinsic motivation over extrinsic motivation because earning something without fulfillment in your life is useless. We always need to keep a balance between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation so that other one doesn’t take control over your life. Always remember that money can’t buy happiness without earning it with something we loved or
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