Reflective Account In Counselling

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My present role is as a facilitator/tutor delivering vocational skills/theory Diplomas; level one, through to level three. My teaching risk rating is Green. For me, the most important aspect of learner retention stems from being in relational context with the learner, seeing them as they are, gaining some understanding of their needs and struggles and supporting them to know that whatever the difficulty, I teach to pass not to fail. Around 25% of my learners aged 16-19 (or 21 dependant on when they were initially registered) are identified as having an ALN or ASN, with one of my learners on the Autism spectrum, I adapt how I communicate the sessions to accommodate the clarity he requires and to not assume that he can second guess what to do next. I have found that I am able to support a wide range of learners to achieve and have not lost one learner from an apprenticeship course that I have delivered.…show more content…
I began counselling and personal development training just over five years ago, stopping for one year when initially employed by Skills Group, as during this time I had been put onto the CTTLS training course and was getting to know the job and role. I then approached my line manager (Debra Rowan) and discussed my wish to take the level 4 diploma and that I did not view my post with Skills Group as a decorating tutor as being long term. This was two years ago. I am presently waiting for my exam results for the Level 4 Diploma in counselling and plan to progress onto level 5 in another year. Skills Group as a training provider of its staff has been generous in its provision of paid for qualifications, has high standards of expectations of its employees and supportive of my personal aims outside of the company’s
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