Reflective Account In Nursing

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1) I took responsibility for a full patient load during the last few weeks. I was responsible for doing a head-to-toe assessment, administering medications, and charting. I was responsible when contacting the necessary members of the interdisciplinary team, such as PT/OT, SW, the care home, the laboratory, or the MRP. I also spoke with family members in person and over the phone. I maintained patient confidentiality by not giving any identifying information over the phone, and stayed within my scope of practice, identifying to the family members that they would have to wait to speak to the physician to find out certain information.

I also learned and performed nursing duties that were new to me, including the aftercare of a deceased patient.
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For example, one morning I saw first my patient on 5 L O2 via oximizer with a sudden decrease in SpO2 yesterday, second, I saw my patient with two episodes of hypoglycemia the previous day and severe pain, third, I saw my patient admitted a week ago with a GI bleed that had been treated and had maintained stable vital signs and labs for the past 4 days, and finally, I saw my patient that was due for discharge that day. I mainly used the ABC framework; however, as you can see above, I would look at the overall situation of the client, not only based off of the…show more content…
The patient allegedly lived in a dark, moldy, basement suit away from the city, and had a hoarding problem. The friend reported that the patient had no mode of transportation to and from dialysis and other appointments. There was no other documentation or acknowledge of this previously, therefore it was important that we ensure that the interdisciplinary team was aware of this so the necessary supports could be made for the patient as she was due to go home next week.

2,6) Throughout this practicum, I have helped maintain dignity for each of my patients, both medical and rehab patients. I informed them of the medications they were getting and informed them of the times of any procedures or tests that needed doing. I gave my patients privacy during personal care, and encouraged them to do as much as possible themselves. Often, I found patients had lost faith in their own ability to care for themselves.
One palliative patient I had required an indwelling catheter insertion. Even though the patient was confused and only alert at times, I treated her with respect. I talked to her through the whole process, I exposed only what was necessary, and closed the door and

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