Reflective Account In Social Work

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The essay that follows will critically reflect on an account in practice, whist discussing an individual's scenario that has been observed in practice. I'm a Social Work Student (SWS) based on placement in a hostel that accommodates for vulnerable young people age range 16-25. The agency is a housing association that strives to help young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The confidentiality statement is as follows “ You must not disclose customers names, whereabouts or occupancy to outside callers, without permission to do so” (Agency, 2015). This essay will be presented in the first person. All names of the agency and young people will be kept confidential. I have asked for permission to discuss the Young Person's (YP) details and also the name will not be disclosed in this essay due to confidentiality and respecting the YP person's right to privacy. A useful definition might start with defining self-identity as ‘the way in which I see, describe or define myself’. My identity is who I am, I’m a woman who’s 32 and white British. I don't have any religious beliefs although I was brought up as a christian. I’m reliable, honest, caring, empathetic and I have respect for my colleagues and the YP that I work alongside. My aim is to fight against social injustice and promote inclusion of vulnerable YP in society. I work…show more content…
(O’Hagan, 2001) states that “people change their identities due to transformation, people can be put under new pressures, challenges, and changes in how they see themselves and their world”. It is very important to be aware of the role you have in your practice. I have been honest and discussed my role with YP and explained what a Social Worker job role
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