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This case analysis is primarily about the work I undertook with a young person and his family. I was allocated the case quite early on my placement. Initially, I struggled with it because I did not have enough knowledge of the support the agency could give. Working with this family had been very challenging, but I gained a lot of experience which had reinforced my professional development (D1,D2). To adhere to the Code of Ethics for Social Work, I got an informed consent from the young person and his family to use their information for this assignment. For this assignment, I will be using pseudonyms to refer to the family so as to protect the family’s identity (D2, Data Protection Act, 1998).
I did my placement in an agency where parents and
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This demonstrated that I had created a rapport with the family and they felt relaxed to share things with me (D7,KSS2). Also, the good rapport confirmed to me that the power imbalances that existed between us had certainly been reduced. Whenever I visited the family, I smiled, listened, and respected their views; this helped the family to calm some of the worries they had in mind. The rapport I created signified an effective working relationship with the family. (Trevithick, 2005, D2, KSS1). While creating good rapport, I remained professional by establishing appropriate boundaries in the relationship (D1, BASW,2012). My accomplishment in creating a good working relationship exhibited my recognition and respect for diversity as well as promotion of inclusion (D3). The step-dad told me that he does not have parental responsibility for J and his sister who is in Spain because he has not adopted them. J has two brothers, one is in the UK and the other is in Pakistan. The step-dad said he is the biological father to the two younger boys, but the children are all from the same mother. He further explained how the first three children had been taken into care at Spain before they were able to gain back their custody after some…show more content…
Also, I adopted the open posture and leaned forward during my conversation with J. Adopting the open posture allowed J to be involved in the conversation. It implied that I was not rushing to end the meeting and this motivated J to keep participating in the discussion. My leaning forward rather than backwards indicated that I was not bored with all the family stories the dad was telling me. At times the family conversed in Spanish, but I maintained good eye contact with the person talking at each time and sat attentively so the family knew that I was listening to them (D7, Egan 2011). I tried to cautiously maintain my eye contact with J because he is a young person and I would not like to appear intimidating to him (Tait and Wosu, 2013)The effective use of my communication skills had contributed to the positive intervention I had with J and his family (Koprowska,
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