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2.1 Portfolio Paulson (1991) considers portfolios as a powerful educational device that makes it possible for students to take responsibility for their learning. He believes that portfolios can supply the curriculum with instruction and authentic assessment. Accordingly, through the focus on individuals they can be reflection of the educational process. On the other hand, according to Weigle (2002) “portfolio assessment is seen by many as an alternative approach to writing assessment that can allow broader inferences about writing ability that are possible with single-shot approaches to evaluating writing, both in individual classroom and on a larger scale" (p.197). In addition, with portfolios students attempt to view themselves as…show more content…
Along with the suggested methodologies some studies have been conducted such as Kozulin and Garb (2002) who focused on the development and implementation of dynamic assessment in pre-academic classroom to detect the learning ability and applied reading comprehension strategies as a part of curriculum of EFL learners. At first the students were provided with a standardized test, then the revision of the test was carried out by both the teacher and students interactively and finally a post test was piloted to identify where the learners take advantage from the mediation. The conclusion indicated that dynamic assessment procedure was considerably influential in exploring learning…show more content…
Another version of PET (2004) was also administered as the posttest (Appendix B) to check the effect of dynamic assessment and portfolio assessment on EFL learners ' creativity in writing. The PET test is made up of two parts: Reading and Writing. The reading part consists of five parts with 35 items including: multiple-choice, true-false, matching, and cloze-test items. The writing part is composed of three parts with 16 items: sentence completion, providing specific information with the word limit of 35-45, and writing the answer to one of the questions with the word limit of 100. In this study two skills of the PET exam (writing and reading) were administered because of being relevant to the purpose of the study. To check the writing ability of the participants, the PET writing rubrics

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