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A key part of continuing professional development (CPD) as recommended by The British Psychological Society (BPS) is adopting a reflective based practices approach to professional development and personal development by engaging in a reflective learning using a technique such as journals. One articulated definition of reflective learning: is it is a subjective approach to scrutinize an event that's responsible for changing somebody perspective (Boyed &, Fales, 1983). The way that reflective practice immerses after conducting an interview resulting in using the critical incident technique consisting of identifying key events and behavioural components that are responsible the event. The event takes a primary lead in the analysis by evaluating…show more content…
On reflection, this belief was overtly apparent within the interview as of repeated questioning regarding the subject matter and from this reflection that I realised these assumptions have stemmed from coming from a loving and caring background with a wide range of people to turn to when needed. As noted in diary entrance 2. Consequently, from this interaction with Maxine, I have become more appreciative of my social network and aware of how my social network has played a role in shaping me into the person I am today. From the interaction and evaluating my performance, I learnt that I need to be more open-minded when engaging in an interaction with colleagues and offenders who come from a different background to myself. As I become more open-minded it allows for the flourishing of empathy that creates the conception of me being confrontational. From creating and expanding of my new understanding of the practicalities importance that is associated with evolving a connection to enhance the development of an environment that is deemed to be supportive with anybody that I interact with can feel that what they are saying is being believed. A further development of this is that it will encourage me to make less number of decisions that are based on my need to be impulsive in these situations as by having high levels of impulsivity could alter the way that I engage with them. Due to building rapport with someone it can take a small amount of time to develop additional, there is an emotional investment in the

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