Clinical Communication Reflection Paper

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An event that was significant to me throughout clinical placement was when I forgot to introduce myself to a visually impaired client. The event that I encountered occurred on my second day of clinical placement at Fieldstone Commons. This event highlights the need for effective communication when treating a patient that suffers with visual impairment. I assisted in morning care for multiple clients, one client stood out to me in particular. At first, I was unaware that he was visually impaired. The nurse I was shadowing told the client that I was going to bring him to the dining hall. I sat down next to the client as he needed assistance with feeding. Breakfast came to an end and I brought him back to his room and asked him if he needed anything …show more content…

The author highlights how vulnerable patients will give their trust to nurses, they should begin their relationship with a rapport (Price, 2017). “Patients often feel vulnerable and there can be an imbalance of power between the nurse and the patient; similarly, patients who are receiving treatment in hospital can find themselves in an unfamiliar environment” (Price, 2017). In this situation the client was degraded, there was an imbalance of power. The client had an unfamiliar caregiver, creating confusion and anxiety. To create a therapeutic relationship trust must be created, it requires effective communication, honesty, and respect. In addition, it is important for nurses to be accountable for their own behaviours, which relates to my situation. I did not stop to reflect my behaviour, as I was trying to complete the skill perfectly. By not creating a therapeutic relationship I put the client in a degrading position. My thoughts about this situation have improved after reading this article. It suggests new reflective exercise for the future, as well as describing how nurses have to trust the patient as much as the patient trusts them (Price, 2017). Overall, this article can benefit to nurses as it reasembles the importance of building trust to decrease

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