Reflective Communication Reflection

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On this week 's engagement, I would rank my quality of contributions at exemplary. I participated in 5 discussions and 2 video discussions. I responded to the discussion on what is the most effective communication. I explained that I felt face-to-face communication was more effective for me when communicating. I expressed my point of view that when using technology to communicate, there are so many more opportunities for the message to be conveyed wrong. When speaking in person, you can control your tone of voice and be able to deliver your message in a possibly smoother way. I added onto Molly’s post about her experience with a parent going to administration. In my past experience with students from different cultures, a teacher might have a lot of respect, and in other cultures a person with the highest standing within the building would be of more respect. They would not see a teacher being of enough importance to come to for help on a conflict. I contributed to more than three discussions and attended a video session. Therefore, I met the requirements for an exemplary standing. I would describe my engagement as exemplary. In the following conversations, I posted on Jan. 26, Jan. 31, Feb. 2, Feb. 7. I also participated in the video session on Feb. 5th. I feel that these posts and video session provided an exemplary level of engagement. For example, in the following post with my peer Elizabeth, I substantively added onto the conversation by expressing my own experience

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