Reflection Of Exemplary Communication

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On this week 's engagement, I would rank my quality of contributions at exemplary. I participated in 5 discussions and 2 video discussions. I responded to the discussion on what is the most effective communication. I explained that I felt face-to-face communication was more effective for me when communicating. I expressed my point of view that when using technology to communicate, there are so many more opportunities for the message to be conveyed wrong. When speaking in person, you can control your tone of voice and be able to deliver your message in a possibly smoother way. I added onto Molly’s post about her experience with a parent going to administration. In my past experience with students from different cultures, a teacher might have…show more content…
In the following conversations, I posted on Jan. 26, Jan. 31, Feb. 2, Feb. 7. I also participated in the video session on Feb. 5th. I feel that these posts and video session provided an exemplary level of engagement. For example, in the following post with my peer Elizabeth, I substantively added onto the conversation by expressing my own experience about how it is essential to develop effective communication and expressing to other professionals working with the same students on a consistent routine. I tried to express to my peers how the teacher should have handled the situation differently by communicating with the teacher how to fix their teaching style in order to help the student be more successful. I stated in the post, “The teacher in this situation should have worked with you to help correct the communication barrier. Like you mentioned at the end of your post, you wanted to learn how to work with him. This type of situation could have presented itself again in the future, and it would have been helpful to know what things you could have tried." I responded to the millennial post where I stated that I belong to the millennial generation. I expressed my opinion that at times in my experience, it has been harder to communicate with generations older than I because they at times feel that my generation was given things too freely. I stated, “I have felt that communication with individuals from different generations can be difficult at times because I think they feel that millennials are not grateful for what they have in life.” I added onto my peer Molly’s post about how at times parents will not always come to the teacher when there is a conflict. I provided a point of view that possibly the parents went to the principal because they felt the principal was of higher standing to them than a teacher. In some cultures, the higher the authority figure the more respect that person has within the culture. Therefore, a
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