Reflective Essay: A Brave New World

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“You killed that scientist,” I proclaim the first words into the tension filled air. I knew she was the killer I was investigating when I got to get a closer look at her face before I held my knife up to her throat. Before my team and I set out for Canada to look for her, I studied the surveillance video we had on her and memorized how she looked like; her defining characteristics on her face and how she moves. I knew more about her than she realizes and I can use that to my advantage. “This is not my interrogation,” she responded inhospitably. She grabs the end of her cloak and separates the seams with my knife, then wraps it around the center of her palm where she grabbed the sharpened part of my knife. “On the contrary, you have committed…show more content…
Once we become divided, that is the day we all parish.” “What do you mean?” “The first world, your world... As soon as we show any signs of weakness we will completely be wiped out.” “That can’t be.” I blurted out in shock. My world knew about this one and were threatening to end it?! Inwardly, I knew it would be their reaction to a weaker world existing beside them. People don’t like differences, they view them as a threat. Still, they can’t just remove the lives here, not again. The leader looks up at me and gives me a look that reminded me of wounded puppy. It seems that while I was evaluating her, she was doing the same. “You truly didn’t know what was happening, did you?” I shook my head in response. She gulps as if everything that she had planned out for this moment had been snatched and thrown out the door. “What are you doing here Kiana ihmurge first world?” She finally managed to get a question across. She must have been overheard me and my team before when we were at the fence. I’m surprised she remembered me. Ihmurge. The word sounds like emerge with an emphasis on the transition between “e” and “m,” making a more distinguishable “h” sound. It seems their language is derived from the english

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