Reflective Essay: A Personal Experience After Failing Road Test

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Failing my road test is an event I will never forget. I just got out of school and was anxious and excited to take my road test to get my license. As I pulled up to the DMV, I could remember being extremely nervous and feeling as if I were going to fail because of the anxiety. I reassured myself that I had practiced the course numerous times and to remain calm. Before starting the test, I noticed dark gray clouds filling the air that day and the entire experience feeling ominous. Suddenly, the DMV examiner stepped in the car and I was on my way. In the beginning, I constantly checked my speed and made sure I stopped when instructed. As I began to take a few turns, all I could hear was the pen scratching against the examiner 's clipboard and I couldn’t help but feel ancy. Soon after driving around the area, he told me to pull back into the area where we first started. I had a huge sigh of relief thinking that the test was over, but it only took me seconds to realize I was very wrong. On the far…show more content…
The first being disappointed. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to pass an exam that many others were able to on their first try. In addition, in my mind, having a license was another way of achieving freedom and by failing the exam, I was troubled that I wouldn’t be able to drive by my own. Even more so than the freedom, I was distressed by the fact that I could’ve passed had I just done what I did weeks before. By telling myself that it was the rain and the DMV examiner that caused me to fail in the end, I was in complete denial. What made me more angered than anything was me having to tell all my friends the unsettling news. Knowing that I would have to call my friends for rides to places made me want to work even harder towards passing the exam. As a result, all I could think about was taking the test again and passing it so I wouldn’t have to deal with the dissatisfying emotions any
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