Reflective Essay: AP Language And Composition

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AP Language and Composition is a course that I have aspired to take since the early days of my Freshman year of high school. Since then, I have been working towards this goal by improving my writing and reading comprehension. I should be a part of this course because of my passion for reading, my history of hard work and the opportunities that will open up for me. From a young age, I have developed a love for reading. Many of my favorite works have been found in the “Local History” section of my neighborhood library in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I found a passion in learning about my home through the historical text that I was reading. An old favorite of mine, Mysteries and Miracles of New Mexico by Jack Kutz provides a quirky history of New…show more content…
and Comp. course. I participate in Silver Creek’s art club, where I attend school organizations outside of class time. I also volunteer to work with an elderly woman every Sunday, where we practice art together and engage with each other. Her and I are developing a strong relationship and I am learning how to teach as well as communicate with people that are different than myself. I have shown dedication to my work in everything that I do, and I am prepared to do the same in an AP Language course. Finally, I believe that this course will help me achieve my own goals for the future. I am interested in attending the University of Washington in Seattle, and this course will provide me the information and skills that I need to write that entrance essay, and succeed in the classes that I eventually take. I know that I can achieve all of the goals that I set for myself. However, in order to do this, I will need the tools offered in AP Language and Composition. I can demonstrate success in this course, and eventually will do the same in College. To summarize, I should be a member of the AP Language and Composition course because of my passion of reading, my hard work, and the massive benefits that I will experience. This class has been a dart on my board since I began high school. I know that I can be successful in this course,
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