Reflective Essay About Cheerleading

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A time in my life that I have had to come together with other people to solve differences would be in cheerleading. There were thirteen girls, all with very different personalities and opinions. Like most cases, our personalities clashed at times, resulting in conflict. Most of the time we were able to resolve our conflicts, but when it came down to our homecoming routine, there was a lot of tension between us all. It is difficult to balance school and cheer at the same time, especially around the time of homecoming. We often had long, stressful practices that left us feeling weak and drained. Our muscles had no time to recuperate from the constant lifting and stretching, since we would practice every day. We all brought many different talents and strengths to the team, as well as weaknesses.…show more content…
At the end of the routine, we all cheered with joy at our unexpected accomplishment. I was so proud of how far we had come in only a week. I was overjoyed to have shared that moment of excitement with all of my cheer sisters. No one recognizes cheerleading as a sport, but we work just as hard as other sports to accomplish the things we need to accomplish. People see the final product of our routine. What they don’t see are the falls, bruises, mess-ups, and arguments. I am so glad that they all convinced me to stay because when all is said and done, they are my second family. I have grown up cheering with most of the girls, and we have all watched each other mature and grow as individuals and cheerleaders. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of what teamwork is, but we found that again and implemented it throughout the rest of our season. I will be so sad to leave this final season because I have learned so much from everyone on my team. When we look back years from now, we won’t remember the fighting; we will remember the way we felt as we succeeded and all the good things that came from being a
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