Reflective Essay About Conflict

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The recent conflict between my mother and me will be analysed in this individual self-reflection report. The objective of this report is to analyse the possible causes of the abovementioned conflict, evaluate on my communication skills and review how both of us eventually ease the tension. My mother is a housewife and my father is my family’s sole breadwinner. Therefore, she is responsible to take care of my elder brother and me most of the time. Since the last February, arguments between my mother and me have become more frequent. The main cause is, in my mother’s perception, there is an imbalance between my time spent on study and that of with family. She also complains that I now accomplish task less efficiently than in last semester. She thinks that it shows my incompetence and drop in performance. Comparing this semester with that of last year, in my point of view, the courses are deeper in depth and the workload drastically increases. There is a significant increase in quantity as well as the difficulty of the assignments. This means it is absolutely normal for me to spend more time to do revision in school as well as to corporate with my classmates in group work. One day, my mother and I had the following conversation: Mum: You return home so late again. (That was 11:15pm) Me: Sorry…show more content…
A conflict is “any situation in which you perceive that another person, with whom you’re interdependent, is frustrating or might frustrate the satisfaction of some concern, need, want, or desire of yours.” (Berko, Rosenfeld, & Samorvar, 1997, p.372). Difference of views and interests matter to my mother and me since we are high in interdependency. This explains the need to resolve the disagreement, that is, we cannot simply put it aside. It requires both of us to work something out in order to maintain a healthy relationship. The following are the possible causes of our
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