Reflective Essay About Earth Day

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Earthly Ethos Last year, on Earth Day, I preached a sermon in a church. At the end of the service, a nice lady came up to me and chided me for talking about the earth in church instead of preaching from the Bible. How an earthly topic could belong in a heavenly place, she thought. Ministers don 't preach about earth day because, it is considered a worldly topic. So much has changed in my spiritual life that I consider Earth Day as important as Christmas, Easter and other religious holy days. It is not because I am a new age guru, a tree hugger or ardent environmentalist (which are usually used as pejorative terms.) It is because, I have reflected deeply about the unfathomable beauty, mystery and magnificence of this moving, yes, moving blue dot in space which holds me up as God holds me tenderly in the palm of His/Her/Its hand. So let us reflect about our home planet from a spiritual point of view. Unlike scientist Steven Weinberg whose sense of creation is that of a cold, hostile place where we humans forever battle for survival and sanity,5 I see it as a lively, friendly and harmonious place where the mystery of life unfolds and the miracles of life are revealed. I invite you consider the earth from a divine perspective. As a matter of fact, Christians believe that the earth is holy because they sing about it. In many churches, the service starts with the singing of the hymn, We are Standing on Holy Ground. We consider the location of a church or synagogue or a temple
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