Reflection On My Family Culture

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Food has always been an important aspect of culture. In a way, cultures can easily be classified by the way people prefer to cook, eat, and serve their food. The classification however would become highly divergent due to the existence of innumerable cultures on our planet. Culture doesn’t only imply one nation, region or religion. It can be a combination of national, religious, and personal beliefs, values, and practices. For example, culture which I follow is one, that is mix of -- Indian – Muslim – Moghul/Nawabs (Muslim rulers of ancient time) – Modern/Non Traditional beliefs and practices. I was born in Indian Muslim family and I am a descendant of ‘Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan’ who was the founder of Bhopal State, Madhya Pradesh, India. Despite belonging to such conservative, traditional family, I have shaped my family culture little differently including the food practices and rituals. I have kept alive the tradition of Moghul style of cooking still, I love to cook and eat Indian regional, continental and intercontinental types of cuisines. My food is my passion. It is not just a survival need for me, but it is what gives me purpose in life. I cook and eat, feed my family, see my dear ones enjoying what I cook…show more content…
I was in grade nine, when first time she asked me to cook roti (Indian bread). I had always watched my sisters cooking rotis but never did I try that before. She did not even assist or help me and left me struggling with dough and tools. I cooked rotis that day even though their shape was not all that round as it was expected. However, for some special cuisines she would stand by my side in kitchen and used to supervise me for hours and hours on how to cook the special food that is part of our culture, the legacy which our forefathers left behind. My mother is no more with us but she is alive in my traditions and rituals of cooking, eating and serving

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