The Benefits Of Football

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Mosquitoes are flying around, temperature is up in the 90s, and the turf is burning through my cleats; it's the perfect Sunday for some football. Football is one of the most popular sports, if not the most popular sport in world. Especially being Texas born! Us Texans love our football, it's apart of the southern life. I will be evaluating the topic of football. You can't really go wrong with football it is America’s game. Personally, football has been a love of mine for the past 16 years. In those 16 years, football has taught me so much and has crafted a ton of my skills on and off the football field. There is a reason I have committed myself to this profession for nearly my entire life. Throughout my evaluation I will include…show more content…
Another example could be winning a championship with football team. In order to win a championship yourself and rest of your teammates must push yourselves past your limit. Pushing yourself past your limit is defined by working when you think you cannot push anymore, but you continue pushing and finished what you started. The lesson “hard work pays off” correlates directly to the real world. For example if you are a young entrepreneur owning a small business, and eventually build your business into one of the most premier businesses in world. To achieve your goals you must put in the work, you cannot just show up and win a championship. Again you cannot just start a business, and expect to be best selling business immediately. Football teaches this lesson of hard work because kids are naturally going to want to win, or be the best at their football position. Yet to do either one of those they must learn to work hard and get extra practice in. I personally I wish I had caught on a little earlier to this lesson, because it can affect you in so many different type of ways you may not notice it sometimes. There are many more things are youth can learn…show more content…
Student athletes brings in billions of dollars to the universities, but us the student Athletes don’t receive any income or percent. Billions begin to add up over the years; are division 1 universities that nice? Why do we not have the right to profit from ourselves, for example the University of Alabama made 123,769,849 revenue just from ticket sales to the football games. The stadiums are selling out because of the student athletes! According to Forbes Magazine “The typical Division I college football player devotes 43.3 hours per week to his sport -- 3.3 more hours than the typical American work week” 43.3 hours to his sport only. This 40 hours is not including classes, studies, and work. We are young college students, some of who less money than others. There are major student athletes who excel, but are still forced to sleep in their car because their homeless. It’s makes no sense why do I have to work at mcdonalds 30 plus hours a week just to make it? Which is another great reason student athletes deserve some percentage. We bring in billions towards our school, and get none back for our work. If student athletes just gave up the universities would take a huge loss of profits from not having sports. If you don't agree with that statement; you must have not heard about the new extension the NCAA just inked with CBS. The extension
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