Reflective Essay About Goal Weight

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“I’m empty, and I’m aching, and I don’t know why…” – Simon and Garfunkel, America. So, given all the transformations you’ve just read, are you wondering what happened to me three years ago? Did I miraculously stop eating and lose all that excess weight? Honestly? No, not back then. What did happen was that I re-read the book and learned some incredible things about myself. I asked myself some hard questions, about my hidden fears and limiting beliefs, and was shocked at the kind of answers that came out as I journaled regularly. But I didn’t really dive in and do the actual work of tapping and clearing. For a year, what I worked on was developing deeper self-understanding, and self-compassion came with it. My weight reached an all-time high, but I had begun to acknowledge and accept the parts of me that were really hurting. We moved back to Bangalore in September 2015, and that move was the next step in my journey. I attended an EFT seminar in March 2016, taught by Dr. Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri, who skilfully and compassionately helped us uncover what our core issues were. I spent an entire week untangling all sorts of…show more content…
I used to envision my ‘ideal body’ until I realised I’m already living in it. This body of mine has seen me through nights when I worked in the lab like a crazy person, forgoing sleep and rest. It withstood severe illness and treatment which was almost as brutal. It piled on the pounds to protect me from threats – all of which were in my head, but felt real. I am in awe of all the ways my body has looked after me, and I can finally look after it as well. I feel at home in my skin, and this confidence shows up in several ways, big and small. I wear clothes I feel good in. I take selfies with my sister. I show up. I may still have a way to go till I get to goal weight, but I’m living my life, right here, right now. And that’s
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