Class Reflective Essay

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This quote reflects one of the important ideas that I have learned in this class. In the past, I typically thought of happiness as only an emotion. I never thought of how essential happiness would be to live an excellent life, let alone my health. However, as I continued to attend this class, I realized how important happiness was. I am sure plenty of you all have felt this, having to wake up early in the morning to trek to school to at 7:00 AM for a seemingly useless class. I felt this way at first. Over time, I learned numerous important lessons from this class and now I am glad that I decided to attend this class. I will share important lessons that I have learned in this class, relating to the various units we have learned this year: social, mental, and emotional health, drugs, nutrition and physical activity, and sexual health. The first unit in our class was about our mental, emotional, and social health. And as I have previously stated, I discovered how important happiness was to living a bountiful and enjoyable life. Watching the film Happy by Roko Belic was truly an eye-opener for my view on how essential happiness is. I saw how people were content with their lives despite…show more content…
The most important lesson I learned was how destructive drug addiction can be on an individual’s life. An example of this is from an Intervention episode about Wes and Lise. It was heartbreaking to watch their lives slowly be dominated by illegal drugs. This was exacerbated by the fact that Lise was aware how drugs were taking control of her life and knew that it was damaging to their children’s lives. This helped me humanize drug addicts because in society, drug addicts are miscreants who care not for the livelihoods of other people; only for drugs. As a result, I can now be more sympathetic to drug addicts and will attempt to help any of my friends who become hooked on such nefarious
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