Reflective Essay On Toddlers

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A person that I tend to think of that represents the word “innocence” is a toddler. Most toddlers do not understand some the things that they do on purpose or not on purpose. Toddlers are too young to understand. For the most part, children are born innocent. They can’t control their emotions and how they are feeling. They always need to feel their parents comfort, love, and trust. Many children’s innocence comes from their lack of knowledge and experience. They aren’t yet mature enough on their own. It is a natural state of life for their young years. Toddlers aren’t firmly established on everything in this world and their surroundings until they become more aware. They are firmly in the present moment. As they grow, their brains begin to…show more content…
I always had a heart for the older generation and even the very young, because you can always learn from people daily. My overall experience, was very hands on, quick, and definitely a learning experience. We tend to do head to toe assignments, check the residents vital signs, check their feeding percentages, and even their medical backgrounds to see if they are having any improvements or not. Since I was a nursing student, for the most part we had to observe a lot and I love every bit of it, but there were many times they would put each of us on the spot to get a random resident to help feed them, help them to therapy, check their vitals, assist them to the restroom, bathing, several cleanings, or help assist them to their rooms along with their daily assessments and activities. My overall experience was very good and that experience is one that I will never forget, because I’ve learned so much just by being there and having to do actual assessment and vitals on real people. Plus, it was my first time in the working force and background. I would absolutely love to go back and revisit them all again. I had two particular residents of my own personally that I assisted twice a week. One of my residents had Alzheimer’s
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