Reflective Essay About Leadership

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A girl who is an introvert at the beginning but responsible enough , who is self-motivated and motivator to her friends, family, and sometimes to strangers, and also understanding and sensitive to others - that’s how I describe myself. I also see myself as a strong person and a fighter in life. Since i’m an introvert, I would like to be outstanding and be confident enough to talk about my views. Also, being responsible isn’t enough, freedom always comes in its way. Giving up is not an option for me, although I have lost myself in I think this attribute is necessary in leading one’s life. What I thought about leadership at the end of the first class is that it is a life long process. There is no end to learn to be a better leader, a better person for that matter. I believe that leadership can be inculcated through your own experiences- family, cultural and educational background,…show more content…
However, few of us did share our models and counter-models in our personal lives. Family and friends were the most used models, and no body disclosed their opinion on their counter-models. I believe, that your models can be your counter-models as well. When I mentioned about my models, which had my mother, father, my two elder sisters, my nephew who is just a four year old boy, and my friend, I also see my father and mother as counter models, not in a bad way but in a way that is not good for their own being. I see my father as a leader, who has led a lot of people in life, guided them into a path that they deserve to be, a responsible person towards other people around, taken care of many, and lot of other things to mention but despite of all this, I feel it is not good to do that good to people always, sometimes people need to learn on their own, the same goes to my mother, being too patient kind, honest, empathic and tolerant to people is not as good as we think it is. Having faith and to never give up attitude is one of the many attributes that i have inculcated from
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