Reflective Essay About Marriage

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Until I came across this beautiful quote, I believed that if two people mean well, if they have love, respect and kindness toward each other, it was enough to make a marriage work. I was ready to settle for marriage with children by age twenty-three. It was then I found out that my boyfriend of two years was not at all interested in marriage or having children. I moved on with my life searching for my ‘soul mate’. I dated a couple of church boys, and I believed if we shared the same religious beliefs, plus the love, respect, and kindness, we would be ‘ok’. It did not matter to me if my partner had little education or flipped burgers for a living. I believed when all four things were in place we could grow together. By age twenty-eight, I finally married with the support of family, friends and church members. A little over a year later, I checked out with my 9-month-old child and I was six months pregnant with my second child. I spent the next six years believing that I was deceived into the marriage. Respect and kindness that I thought was present during our courtship disappeared shortly after we were married. I had faith that love would someday…show more content…
I have, however, learned a great deal about taking the time to get to know the person and not rushing into saying “I do” because he presents a diamond. I have also picked up a few lessons from my encounter with Simon Jacobson, author of the book, “Toward a Meaningful Life”. I like to ask if the potential mate is truly is worthy of me. Is our upbringing similar or very different? There will be questions triggered by our natural instincts. For answers to the questions that make us doubtful, one needs not to rush, but through careful observation and listening to our true self, which is our inner voice, we find the

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