Reflective Essay About Moving

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We are beings designed to move. Since the beginning of our existence, we moved, dispersing ourselves into distinct areas in the world. To this day we continue to move seeking to better our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I had to move two years ago. As taxes increased, my parents could not afford to pay the excessively high mortgage. It was time for us to downsize.
One day my parents came home with news I was dreading to hear. They had found a “perfect house” just a half hour away. At the time I was attending high school and was not looking forward to the moving idea at all. Moving would entail changing school districts and a new school meant meeting new people. It’s an introvert 's worst nightmare.
The day came and I was moody. We decided that instead of renting a moving truck, we would use our car and take trips to and from the house. Everyone helped pack things into the car while I sat outside on the porch of my old house. I didn 't want any part of it. When
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Ultimately what I learned from this experience is that change is good. Now looking back at it I can say that the room became an extension of myself. As I reflect on that day, I believe I would have handled the matter differently. I would have had a more positive mindset. Instead of looking at the negatives I need to look at the untouched opportunities that moving brings. I eventually did as my moodiness towards moving subsided.
As far as others who are moving, the best advice I can give is to try and make the best of it. View the moving experience as an opportunity to better yourself. Nobody 's perfect and there’s always room for improvement. Back then I thought that moving was going to be one of the worst events of my life. So far it’s been a rather positive experience. My new room is the place where I can do school work, and hang out with my friends. It 's the place I go to whenever I feel down or when I want alone time. The point of the matter is you never know you’ll enjoy something until you
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