Reflective Essay About My Writing Process

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Over this semester, my writing is better than before because I can express my thought clearer and more logical. The thing that helps me make my ideas clearer is the discussion during SAGES seminars. Each time before I started talking, I always went through the words in my mind so that I could prevent stumbling over words. When I agreed or disagreed with an idea, I first thought about my arguments and in the end concluded my thoughts in a sentence. If I used this sentence to start my talk, others could better follow my logic by understanding my main argument and expecting what I was going to say. In addition, I was practicing making a thesis statement and concluding my ideas each time before I talked. This process helps me write an essay with…show more content…
When I have an idea on my mind, I always struggled to write it out as a legit sentence. Although I know that I should change my wording when I am writing down my thoughts, I cannot think of a formal expression in a short time. This is the most time consuming process when I am writing. I find an interesting fact about my writing that I can write faster when I am writing my journals on real paper. It is not because the contents of the journals are easier since I can write both reading responses and unscripted entries faster than typing into my laptop. The reason may be that I do not think much about the sentence structure before I write down something on paper. Also, I try to write really fast in order to put my thoughts down before I forget about them. The SAGES writing crew is very helpful that the tutors point out my grammar mistakes and train me to find my own mistakes. At first, they do not just look through my paper and help me edit it. Instead, they ask me to read my paper out loud and try to find my own mistakes. If I make a grammar mistake, they will explain to me the correct grammar. If I find something is awkward in my sentence structure, they will encourage me to think about another way to express my idea. In this ways, my mind get trained that I will use the better sentence structure in my future writings. I learned how to think critically and logically in my class discussions and how to write with better grammar and sentence structure in help
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