Reflective Essay About My Writing Skills

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Through the past two semesters, I have learned a great deal about my writing skills. Before this class, the truly only wrote; filling my papers with the opinions I held myself. “Just writing” was my only option because that was all I had been taught. However, ever since I had attended GSW-1110 and GSW-1120, I have learned to adopt the formal writing style. Through the past two semesters, I have obtained many skills that will be useful to further my educational career, but there are skills that I, nevertheless, must improve on. One area that I improved on is my word choice. If I was categorized as a writer, I would have been categorized as a thesaurus writer. It seems like I would pick a word from and jammed it into my sentence…show more content…
Throughout the year, I have found it difficult not to add sources to papers that did not necessarily call for a multitude of sources. This is because I have found that the more research and sources I gather, the easier the paper is to craft. The majority of my papers, even the early ones, contained about eight sources each. However, my greatest triumph came from my final paper where I gathered and effectively used twenty-one sources throughout my nine and a half page paper. With the excessive amount of sources I assembled, the paper was relatively straightforward. The research portion of my papers is an area that I am proud of. Looking over all of my papers, my progress can is easily detectable. Before this class, writing was foggy and hard for me; that can be easily seen in my early papers. However, I have somewhat grasped what it means to writing purposefully and academically. This class has also prepared me for what I assume will be my future profession, law. The best lawyers are masters of persuasion by utilizing the available knowledge that is accessible to them. This class has solidified many skills I had lacked. Throughout this year, my writing skills are quite better with some areas that I still must work
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