Reflective Essay About Myself

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PENULIAR, JUMARIBO R., JR | CFNR| 2014-52386| PSY 1 C-6R| February 24, 2016

Life is like a game. A very complicated game. You don’t get to know your strength and weaknesses unless you experienced them. Once you have experienced it, you may change/remove and/or upgrade it. Recognizing weaknesses our own weaknesses lets us understand more about ourselves. Thus, having a better chance to make ourselves better fit in the society that we live in.
I’m not really the type who people find to be interesting. I’m just a simple person. Some brief information about me are the following: well I’m a guy obviously, a 18-year-old guy dealing with the situations a guy my age would deal with. I’m not proud of everything I’ve done, but well I can’t change the past. For me, I have a motto “ The past is mean to guide you, not define you” I’ve decided to learn from it, learning from the past is not as easy as it sounds but it makes me aware of myself and make my decisions in the future to make a better me. Self-improving is hard. I mean it’s not impossible, but it is really difficult.
Trying to find myself, I changed a lot. I got the wrong idea of finding yourself; I thought it could be done in a small amount time but no, I learned that you need a lot of time for self-discovering. It is a long process that’s starts since the day you were born. I learned things too fast; Ideas came rushing down my brain and started analysing who I really am. My
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