Reflective Essay About Religion

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Religion is one of the most intricate topics ever to exist, and the meaning of it tends to vary from person to person. No single definition of religion seems to be concrete. Something which needs to be emphasized to anyone trying to study the subject. To some, religion may be a staple in their lives and have a substantial impact on nearly every decision they make. Whereas, to others, religion may have little meaning or importance. This differentiation comes from various upbringing and through diverse life experiences. With that said, my current belief of what exactly religion is the culmination of several momentous events in my life. To me, religion is what helps to explain events which otherwise would be unexplainable and what helps to suppress…show more content…
Hundreds of innocent people were severely hurt for no apparent reason. The bombing left me asking myself numerous times, “If there is a higher power than how could they let this happen.” With my doubt growing in the existent of a higher power, I found myself developing thanatophobia; ideas filled my head of possible emptiness, darkness, and thoughtlessness after death. Such thoughts were debilitating and left me in a deep depression for nearly a month. It was not until I opened up to my mom and explained to her my fear of death that things finally turned around. Just as she did at the funeral of my Aunt, she reiterated to me the idea of the existence of an afterlife that is greater than life here on Earth. I knew then that the only way I would recover from my depression was by forcing myself to believe in a higher power. It worked, thanatophobia’s effect on my life slowly became smaller and smaller. In the present, I no longer think I even have thanatophobia. In essence, religion, which to me represents believe in a higher power, got me through some of the most terrible moments of my life. I recognize that just as my definition and view of religion is a culmination of numerous events in my life, many other people have come to see and define religion differently based on their own unique experiences. Such differentiation most certainly needs to be acknowledged when studying

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