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Yes nobody is perfect, people make mistakes every now and then. But that’s what is so great about being a human. People make New Year 's Resolution for themselves to fix something or to change some bad thing in them or just for fun. Most of the time these resolutions don 't always come true because they are not kept or done like they were supposed to be. There are many reasons why most of us don 't get them done as we mean to, there is laziness. No not all people are lazy but the ones who are end up not keeping their resolution. Laziness is not the only reason why resolutions are not kept, some of us just choose some really crazy goals like say someone who is 400 lbs and want to become someone who is maybe 100 lbs in two weeks or a month. No…show more content…
A skool resolution is kind of difficult for me because well, it’s school and what else is school to a teenager. On the serious thought, i really want this year to be different than last, last year i tried in the beginning but as school went on i began procrastinating a lot on school work like I am right now and not changing “skool” to “school”, yes that was on purpose Mrss. Enns so dont mark points off I was trying to prove a point. To try harder than I’ve been is my school resolution. I played around my freshman and sophomore years, now i have to start giving it all i have my junior year to keep my high school resolution. On the outside world, I want to get out and get a summer job and when out of high school to attend college. Funny right how can I want to attend college? Well I finally got myself together and realized that in order to be what I want to be, I need to go to college. I want to become a mechanic. Mechanic as in work in a shop with vehicles fixing and modding them, if you have ever worked on a car say an old car like for example an ss camaro from the year 66, working on something like that getting to the engine and body of the vehicle sounds so amazing. And at the end of the project, seeing your masterpiece all nice and shiny will make you feel

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