Reflective Essay About The Future

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Future… it always seems so far away from me. As a younger generation of this complex world, I used to not think that I am part of this community to make the world a better place to live in.
However, as I grow to become more matured, I will ask myself sometimes, what can we as the younger generation do to contribute to this community. Can we really go beyond the standards set for us by the pioneers? The Earth is constantly moving and so are we, we are constantly chasing for our dreams, but do these dreams morph into reality? This really depends on us. We are the future, and we will be operating this world.
I am personally passionate about music, classical music. Beauty of music as of now is considered as pop genres and I persistently ask myself,
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It may not seem significant to the audience, but to me, a mere 10 years old, it was a major breakthrough. I finally got the chance to spread the joy and love that I gained from this experience to the audience yet it was so nerve wrecking. As I took up my violin and touched the shrill E-string, I was immersed in the beauty of the music that awed me for years. The nervous thoughts just floated away and all that was in my mind was how to shape the music. The clear, sweet singing melody floated out from my three quarter-sized violin as my chubby fingers flew on the fingerboard. Ending with a stunning beautiful G, thunderous applause descended. A sense of accomplishment filled me. I finally lived on the legacy of spreading the love and appreciation for classical music.
Yes, Mr Menuhin passed on the legacy to my father, and now, it is up to my father to pass it on to me. That is the beauty of classical music, it would not extinct between generations, it would continue being passed on. I am the future and I hold responsibility to contribute to the community in the area of classical music making.
The Earth is constantly moving, and so are we, the younger generation as we are chasing our dreams and finding the passion for what we love. And these dreams will morph into reality. Yes, our generation will be operating this world. This younger generation, my generation is the future. I am the
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