Reflective Essay About The Modern World

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Born to a middle class Brahman family I grew up listening to the epic stories of the Lord Ramayana, Mahabharata, stories from Upanishads, the epic battle between gods and demons, I always questioned myself about the authenticity of these stories. Somewhere in my heart I knew that in one way or another all these stories had some connection with the modern world.
By the time I started critically analysing all these stories which at some point of time made no sense to me started forming a pattern, like a web of knowledge that surrounds our world, as if they were dots that were connected by the modern day education and breakthroughs in science and technology. I started thinking to myself; what if the modern human civilization had not discovered anything but just rediscovered everything.
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I started working for 6-8 hours a day trying to understand what was the point that they had missed, when suddenly one day while going to the laboratory I saw a book at the bookstore, named “The Universe Of Ten Dimensions”. I don’t know why but somewhere deep in my heart I had a feeling to get that book and half an hour later, I was in the laboratory, reading the book.
The book talked about how our previous notion of a world of three dimensions was incomplete. The book said that we lived in a world which, instead of just three dimension had ten dimensions, which reminded me of the night when I was reading the “VaayuPurana” which also told something similar that there are ten different lokasor dimensions in which the gods resided.Finally, like enlightenment from above it struck me, that may be my forefathers had not taken into consideration the fourth and the most important dimension of all, THE TIME.
At once I ran through the notes and to my surprise I was right! Though I find it difficult to believe that so many great minds had missed the same point, I was happy to discover
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