Reflective Essay About Time Management

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In my first semesters I have achieved one of my goals which was time management. I have shown changes towards time management by spearing myself time with family and friend and completing and taking my essay seriously, in my previous education of six form we were never asked to making a daft plan before writing the actual essay, as i am in university now it is a new experience which I shouldn't take for granted but use the opportunities. I have received feedback on my first semester essay. I was told to focus on what the question is asking me to do, be more indecisive with my work. I had to create a check list which I followed and stayed committed to this helped me finish and plan time properly and completing my work. I used various strategies like getting timetable, i created a step plan everyday days at first i struggled but i manged to stick to it , because i had to push myself.…show more content…
As this will save me time from panicking and not include the important sources of information. I didn't use a check list at the start, if I made a check list difference would be showing. I must always try something new and knowing that i could develop a strong skill, rather than just doing the same old thing. An example of this when I am given an essay i must start planning the key points straight away and plan which days i am going to focus on the key topic and committing to it.(Cottrell,S,(2013), She quotes that students always find too to proper themselves properly. It will take time but the quickly i must act upon taking steps by steps so changes can happen accordingly. I should always have the date of the deadline close so I know how to plan which days I want to spear time on work just whilst I have time, to start early and not last

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